The Wedding Diet That Actually Works

Everybody knows that¬†the wedding diet¬†that works is the diet you stick to. But even when you impose all of your willpower, and avoid the foods you know are bad for you (but that you really love), the weight doesn’t always drop off you as planned.

When you are approaching your wedding day that’s the last thing you need on your mind. Your big day should be a wonderful, once in a lifetime celebration. It shouldn’t be marred by worries about your weight. So what can you do if your wedding diet isn’t working out as expected?

Well hopefully you have a bit of time left before your wedding. Six or eight weeks is actually plenty of time to turn things around. It is totally possible to lose 1 to 2lbs a week without feeling like you are being starved or punished. That equates to a dress size or more, in case you’re wondering!

Don’t waste your time with any low sodium diets. They will only help to rid you of any retained water and not make an ounce of difference in terms of fat loss, which is what you really want to be losing. Choosing a diet that is designed to help you lose fat, permanently, is your best option.

Remember to check with your family doctor before starting any new diet, nobody want to see you collapse on your wedding day because you were overdoing it. Don’t forget that you will need plenty of energy for what is usually a very long day, so remember to eat sensibly in the day or two beforehand.

On the day itself, forget the wedding diet and try to include some high energy foods in your breakfast – eggs for example. You don’t want to be turning to the Red Bull for an energy boost … at least, not until the speeches are finished!