Practical Weight Loss Tips

How can you maintain your practical weight loss eating plan and still enjoy the wedding or weddings you’ll be going to soon? While the grand spectacle major production celebrity wedding of William and Kate is light years beyond the ambition and budget of most young couples (except for those who, like the British royals, are both very wealthy and who live in the spotlight of fame), like the royal nuptials, most modern weddings will include gourmet meals or at least tempting desserts.

Chances are, if you are going to a wedding soon (or several this wedding season) there will be challenges to your healthy eating and weight loss plan. And who really wants to stick to counting points or calories or portion control or just five or six small meals a day when faced with the prospect of gourmet multi-course meals and desserts at celebration events such as wedding receptions?

For members of the wedding party and families/close friends of the couple, the opportunities to indulge and overeat won’t stop at that one special meal. There’ll also be the showers, the rehearsal dinner or breakfast, and possibly the meet-and-greet events as future in-laws get to know each other. So how can you, devoted follower of practical weight loss, possibly cope, and resist the temptation to overeat? You need a strategy.

Here’s a 5 point plan to get through your own wedding guest season and stick to your practical weight loss goals:

    1. Call ahead. Find out what the menu will be, and know what you will eat, and what you will skip or ignore.

    1. Eat a healthy snack before you arrive – this could be low-fat cottage cheese topped with fresh berries, or yogurt and a green apple, or green tea and a wedge of cantaloupe, or a green salad with oil-and-vinegar dressing, or a bowl of clear soup (made with low sodium bouillon cubes or chicken broth or beef broth).

    1. If you want to lose weight, you must limit alcohol to one glass of wine or one beer or cocktail, then switch to cold water or diet pop (diet soda) or iced tea (no sugar) or coffee (black). If a glass of wine is poured for you for the wedding toasts, take only a tiny sip. Or raise your water glass (if you aren’t seated at the head table) and no one will notice.

    1. If the meal is buffet-style, limit yourself to only one trip to the buffet.

  1. Save a cheat day for the wedding reception, if your healthy eating plan allows occasional cheat days. If not, eating a moderate amount of the wedding meal and half of the dessert, if there is one, won’t ‘ruin’ your healthy eating, or ‘blow’ your whole diet. Eat what you want and enjoy every mouthful.

To lose weight, you need to be mindful of everything you eat; when you choose to indulge, make every indulgence calorie count. If you feel bloated the next day, or you overindulged, you can do a three-day detox. Or eat nothing but steamed vegetables and clear, low-sodium soups for a few days before returning to your regular weight loss eating plan.

A few days of this (no more than that is safe, and the truth is this kind of eating quickly becomes monotonous) will help rev up your metabolism, regulate your blood sugar and get you back in weight loss mode fast, while losing a couple of pounds, always a boost to your program!