July 2019

Lose Weight Before the Wedding

Do you want to lose weight before the wedding, but don’t know where to start? Below are 5 tips that if followed correctly will indefinitely help you lose weight before the wedding.

  • Eat low fat foods. When trying to lose weight, this is the easiest way to shed a few pounds and should not be taken lightly. Cut butter, margarine, mayonnaise or any other fatty substance out of your diet.
  • Avoid junk foods. Junk foods will make losing weight seem impossible. The hamburgers, fries and many other well known friends of fat pack on over 1000 calories. You have to jog for over 3 hours to burn those menacing calories off.
  • Don’t starve yourself. Instead eat more of the right foods. Such foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, barley, wheatgerm, lean meats and fish. Instead of eating 3 meals a day, eat smaller portions when you are hungry.
  • Stop drinking alcohol. Believe it or not, alcohol plays a huge role in weight gain. Half a glass of red wine everyday won’t hurt. It’s also good for blood circulation.
  • Last. But not least. Exercise is essential in order to lose weight and feel healthy. You can solely rely on your diet if you have more than 15 pounds to lose. If this is your case, exercise is necessary. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. You can just walk for half an hour everyday.

You will lose weight before the wedding by combining these tips and not slipping up. To be more specific, you should lose over 8 pounds a week.

Practical Weight Loss Tips

How can you maintain your practical weight loss eating plan and still enjoy the wedding or weddings you’ll be going to soon? While the grand spectacle major production celebrity wedding of William and Kate is light years beyond the ambition and budget of most young couples (except for those who, like the British royals, are both very wealthy and who live in the spotlight of fame), like the royal nuptials, most modern weddings will include gourmet meals or at least tempting desserts.

Chances are, if you are going to a wedding soon (or several this wedding season) there will be challenges to your healthy eating and weight loss plan. And who really wants to stick to counting points or calories or portion control or just five or six small meals a day when faced with the prospect of gourmet multi-course meals and desserts at celebration events such as wedding receptions?

For members of the wedding party and families/close friends of the couple, the opportunities to indulge and overeat won’t stop at that one special meal. There’ll also be the showers, the rehearsal dinner or breakfast, and possibly the meet-and-greet events as future in-laws get to know each other. So how can you, devoted follower of practical weight loss, possibly cope, and resist the temptation to overeat? You need a strategy.

Here’s a 5 point plan to get through your own wedding guest season and stick to your practical weight loss goals:

    1. Call ahead. Find out what the menu will be, and know what you will eat, and what you will skip or ignore.

    1. Eat a healthy snack before you arrive – this could be low-fat cottage cheese topped with fresh berries, or yogurt and a green apple, or green tea and a wedge of cantaloupe, or a green salad with oil-and-vinegar dressing, or a bowl of clear soup (made with low sodium bouillon cubes or chicken broth or beef broth).

    1. If you want to lose weight, you must limit alcohol to one glass of wine or one beer or cocktail, then switch to cold water or diet pop (diet soda) or iced tea (no sugar) or coffee (black). If a glass of wine is poured for you for the wedding toasts, take only a tiny sip. Or raise your water glass (if you aren’t seated at the head table) and no one will notice.

    1. If the meal is buffet-style, limit yourself to only one trip to the buffet.

  1. Save a cheat day for the wedding reception, if your healthy eating plan allows occasional cheat days. If not, eating a moderate amount of the wedding meal and half of the dessert, if there is one, won’t ‘ruin’ your healthy eating, or ‘blow’ your whole diet. Eat what you want and enjoy every mouthful.

To lose weight, you need to be mindful of everything you eat; when you choose to indulge, make every indulgence calorie count. If you feel bloated the next day, or you overindulged, you can do a three-day detox. Or eat nothing but steamed vegetables and clear, low-sodium soups for a few days before returning to your regular weight loss eating plan.

A few days of this (no more than that is safe, and the truth is this kind of eating quickly becomes monotonous) will help rev up your metabolism, regulate your blood sugar and get you back in weight loss mode fast, while losing a couple of pounds, always a boost to your program!

Wedding Ceremony Etiquette

Despite their abundance in society, wedding ceremonies are of paramount importance. Care should be taken so that every single detail is observed to the effect that the wedding ceremony is carried out smoothly, properly and without any hindrance. Despite the number of unconventional wedding ceremonies occurring nowadays, most wedding ceremonies are still carried out traditionally. Also, different nationalities have different traditions and conventions for wedding ceremonies. Despite so many differences, there always exist a number of similarities among wedding ceremonies in different societies. Although the wedding ceremony etiquette tends to differ, it also remains largely similar between different communities.

Wedding ceremony etiquette is a term that covers several classes conventions at once. It basically denotes the set of decorum to be observed during a wedding ceremony, and does not necessarily imply a set of rites or rituals to be carried out. A set of what to do and what not to, largely constitute what are collectively referred to as ceremony etiquette. It is always advisable that the hosts of any wedding ceremony follow these norms – from organizing it to seeing it carried out till the end.

A synoptic perspective of the wedding ceremony is a set of dos and don’ts. As in most cases of the similar sort, the don’ts generally outnumber the dos. It is generally considered rude to ask directly not to bring children to the wedding ceremony. This can be taken care of by mentioning specifically the names of the adults who have been invited.

It is also considered against the etiquette to make direct references to wedding gifts in the body of the invitation letter. Moreover, gifts should not be opened during the ceremony itself. On the occasion of a cancellation or postponement, every guest has to be individually notified and the gifts (saving the personalized ones) have to be sent back.

It is not required for a bride marrying for the second time to have a train attached to her wedding dress, to carry flowers, and to don a veil. Gloves, on the other hand, should be worn except while putting on the wedding ring or while eating at the Wedding Breakfast.

Guests have to observe a plethora of wedding ceremony etiquette. It is not mandatory for guests belonging to a different faith to participate in the ceremony, but it is not prohibited, either. In case of lateness, a guest should not make a noisy entrance that might disturb the ceremony.

Diet Before the Wedding

They say that the most important day of your life is your Wedding Day. On this day in front of Friends and Family you will make the biggest commitment to starting a new life with your intended partner. This is when you want to look your best and feel good about yourself and not think that maybe you should have taken the extra step and Diet Before The Wedding.

Fasting before your Wedding Day is not a good idea as so many Brides have passed out at the alter. You want this day to run as smoothly as possible and you want to look your absolute best and you must Diet Before The Wedding. Sensible diets are the only way to go and such diets do exist without making you feel nausea or lethargic.

Forget about trying the diets that promise you to lose ten pounds in a week by living solely off fruit as this will not keep your weight off and because of the amount of citric acid that you are ingesting you could have an allergic reaction which would mean that you could end up having a swollen face on your Wedding Day.

The easiest route to take is to Diet Before The Wedding some weeks or preferably months before your Wedding Day and this will ensure that those extra pounds come off and stay off. Looking your best is an absolute must but you do not want to achieve this by denying yourself all the necessary vitamins, carbohydrates and fats that we all actually need to stay healthy.

How to Lose Weight For the Wedding

You are probably thinking to yourself “I want to look nice for my wedding and for my future husband.” But you do not know how to go about losing those extra pounds. I am here to help you discover how to lose weight for the wedding fast and safe.

It really is not that hard if you put your mind to it and follow a plan. In all the business of the preparations it is really easy to forget about eating healthy and exercising like you should. After all everything else must be perfect for the big day since we plan on going through it only once. It is the day we have dreamt about since we were little girls. The last thing we want is to bulge in our beautiful wedding dress.

You could go with some of the fad diets and fancy potions and pills floating around today and possibly lose a few pounds for that special day. But don’t plan on keeping it off for your new husband to enjoy. You will continue on the yo-yo lose weight plan, on one day off the next and that is no way to live. It is not a good thing to stress out the body in an already stressful time of your life. It is always best to plan ahead even when it comes to losing weight for the wedding.

In order to lose weight fast and safe for the wedding you need to find the right weight loss diet for you. Try to find one that will help you initially lose weight fast but will then keep you on a decent safe level of weight loss. Once you find that perfect plan you need to set your mind to stick with it for life just like you plan on doing in your marriage. You would not think of getting married without a plan so don’t think about losing weight for your wedding fast and safe without a plan.

How to Lose Weight For the Wedding

Let’s face it; a “wedding” is simply the most important day of your life at a given time. Most people only get to experience a wedding once in their life, and have memories forever. Did you know that the #1 reason weddings don’t go as planned and are “bad” days is because of weight? Whether you’re getting married, in the wedding party, or even just a guest at the wedding, looking good is key, and in order to look good you must lose weight. Now, I remember my wedding like it was yesterday. My wife was frantic last minute trying to lose weight and fell for all of the tricks and scams on the web. She ended up losing 3 pounds from pretty much starvation, and she looked awful. She ended up spending over $120 on weight loss systems, and found no success.

In order to “lose weight for the wedding” you must have patience, and the “drive” to work for it. There is no such thing as overnight weight loss, and is there is no reason for frozen foods or starvation. When it comes to weight loss programs, there are only two things to trust. Those two things are science and testimonials. When I look for a good system I look for satisfied customers that have had tons of success and have reached all of their goals. Then, I look for the science behind all of their ideas, and overall system.

One of the biggest problems with weight loss programs is that they “guarantee” results. They guarantee weight loss overnight or in just days, but have no refunds. If you’re looking to purchase a weight loss system an iron clad 60 days money back guarantee is key, and must be offered; if not it’s a scam! Another thing to look for when purchasing a system, like I said before, is testimonials. You want to make sure other customers were satisfied with their results and have seen results.